Au pair working hours

What happens if the host family, once in Spain, asks to me to work for more hours?

According to the European au pair placement agreement, an au pair can work up to 30 hours per week. Host families receive this information and sign an agreement with the au pair agency of understanding of the au pair program, an intercultural exchange.

 It may happen that children get sick and therefore can not go to school. It may also happen that in certain periods, during the summer school vacations, families may need an extra hour.

 It is expected flexibility from the au pair BUT IN ANY CASE IT IS THE OBLIGATION OF THE FAMILY:

  1. To inform in the paperwork – Host Family Application – if the au pair is expected to work extra hours, as is the case in summer periods. There is a question made to host parents on their application form.
  2. If it is an exception, the children get sick; the parents have an event during the weekend. The family should ask the au pair if he/she can help/stay with the children.

In either case the extra hour will be paid at 5€ per hour. There are families and au pairs that that agree to exchange these hours for extra free time/days.

 If upon arrival with the family your schedule is different from the one you received on the host family application form (when you were in your home country) you should:

  • If the hours exceed 30h/week: talk to the family to make sure they will pay you as extra hours. As long as you agree to do the extra hours.
  • If the hours change but do not exceed 30 hours/week and you do not agree: talk to the family to reach a common point. This usually happens when, per example, the host parents change to a split schedule in which the au pair only has short periods of free time per day but not a full morning (until midday or mid-afternoon).

 All the families send, together their application form, letter and photos of them and house, the schedule and are warned that this schedule must be fulfilled once the au pair is in the family.

Communication with the family is the most important thing. Don’t be afraid to talk to them and of course, contact me if you need to. Im here to help you.

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